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Hydrogen As A Fuel

Hydrogen is one of the most prevalent elements in the universe. It is virtually greenhouse gas and pollutant free. So why are we not utilizing this as an energy source. Well we are but only in a limited amount. The truth is we could convert from natural gas which is not as much of a pollutant as regular gas but is still a pollutant. The conversion would be easy and painless. All of the natural gas lines that criss-cross this country could be converted to carry hydrogen. The conversion is simple but not currently being implemented Here is why

While burning natural gas emits about half the carbon of an equivalent amount of oil or coal, combusting hydrogen (H2) gas emits none at point of use.

Steam-methane reforming (SMR) is the main process used to separate natural gas, which is mostly methane, to produce H2 (Hydrogen) and (CO2) carbon dioxide. Hydrogen can then be used as a lower-carbon fuel. Carbon Dioxide can be store in old depleted wells and safely dispersed

Some gas distribution system operators (DSO) believe that H2 can make the continued economic use of existing gas infrastructure more socially and politically acceptable in a decarbonizing world.

This process could support the case for low- and zero-carbon hydrogen becoming the world’s main energy carrier

This is a reality whose time has come. Zero carbon emissions is the goal and the world is now using the catch-phrase goal zero. If we can keep the big oil and the politics out of this it will happen.

Power You Car

Fuel cell technology is fast becoming a reality and cars running on hydrogen using fuel cell technology emit nothing but water out their tailpipes

The implementation of fuel cell technology is past due and the cars burn cleaner run farther and have less engine wear and tare. The current drawback is hydrogen refill stations. If we yell loud enough wew can get that changed. Help us help the environment by Getting Involved Today.


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