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What Is An Organic Lifestyle?

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Is an Organic lifestyle for me? Once upon a time, I didn’t really care much for an organic lifestyle. It didn’t bother me all that much, I thought my health was ok, even after having a few operations, I still thought my health was alright

It all changed when our life got really stressful, I started losing hair and losing some of my teeth, I realized, shit! If I don’t change my lifestyle, I won’t live or enjoy life much longer.

My physical health had started to show signs of deterioration of a lifetime of neglect, which affected my mental health as well. After going through this experience, I realised this is something I don’t want my kids to have to go through.

The beginning of an Organic Lifestyle

I had to make a decision, I really needed to live better. My health was going down quick and I had to change my life.

So I made the decision to change, not just for me but for my family and kids.

So I finally listened to Rhonda, my wife and with her help we started making changes in our diet, I started eating more organic food, like fruit and vegetables and cut out a lot of the fast food junk and processed foods I used to eat.

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

I enjoy eating organic food knowing that I’m looking after my health and the health of my family.

After a late night session of watching food documentaries, I would ponder on how to go full organic, what does it even mean to live organically?

See, I used to think living organically, was being a hippy and hugging trees and eating just raw vegatables. But it wasn’t. It’s about a living a natural, healthy and sustainable life.

Plus, I got my kids started on my bad food habits and had to set a better example, be a better a role model to my kids.

In the process of that epiphany, I transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Nah, jokes, but I did learn more about natural health and organic living. It was a way of living that made you feel younger and look better, it is also better for the environment.

It started like a detox. I changed my diet, which changed my thinking. This journey changed my thinking to understand more about eco-friendly methods of doing things. It taught me to care for the environment and the environment will take care of you.

So living organically includes thinking about the environment and how our actions affect and impact the environment.

We need to start eating organic food, free of nasty pesticides and fertilizers to really be healthy.

Pesticides are for killing weeds, so what happens when we eat that shit? If it can kill weeds, it can sure make us sick. Look at the state of the world today, health problems are at an all time high, due to food we eat.

One way to promote healthy eating is setting up your own organic garden, where you can grow your own health, organic food. The kids will love it! To learn how you can setup your own garden, head over to our blog on “How to Setup an Organic Garden at Home” for more info.

An organic lifestyle leads to start your organic garden utilizing permaculture practices to create your garden’s own natural eco-system as well.

Organic living has a lot to due with caring for the environment by using organic cleaning products. Products that contain natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, natural salt, etc. Products that are safe for you, your family and the environment.

Another area we start we must attend to is organic beauty and skincare products. You need to look after yourself as well and with all the beauty products on the market, there’s a lot to chose from.

I started using organic hemp soap and hemp body lotion. It’s not bad, won’t know the difference yet but at least I know it’s free bad pesticides.

Good for my body, good for the environment.

What health regime wouldn’t include vitamin supplements? I try to go organic with the supplements when I can as it better to take supplements that can’t potentially kill you or make you sick.

By changing the food I ate, taking organic food supplements and vitamins, growing our own organic produce, using organic skincare and organic cleaning detergents, I was on my way to adopting a new organic lifestyle.

So an organic lifestyle is ultimately having a mindset of and an ecology for the greater good. It’s about looking after yourself by eating organic, living naturally and drama free.



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