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Organic Gardening

You want "true organic" fruits and vegetables? Get out of the dirt. That's right, you can't have true organic planting in the soil. Too many chemicals and non-organic substances in the soil. You must do a raised bed garden with nuetral soil and water with filtered water to obtain a "true organic" garden. It is simpler then it sounds. Below are the steps to achieve this goal.

Do Not's

To begin with the first do not is: NO chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The second do not is: no chemical based nutrients.

The third do not is and this might surprise you: no planting in the natural earth. The soil has chemicals in it from the rain and natural fallout from the air. You must have a neutral based soil to be "true organic". We will discuss how to accomplish this in the how to section coming up.

The fourth do not is: no unfiltered water. Getting tougher is'nt it.

The fifth do not is: you cannot leave infant plants or vegetables uncovered at night. The moisture in the air absorbs into the plants and "true organic is gone. Once the root system has established itself you can forego this step.

Those are the five basic do not's and as we go on you will see some other areas we need to cover.

How To

The first how to covers The ferilizer and pesticides: You need to buy organic fertilizers such as: Organic Fertilizer Multi Purpose For All New & Established Vegetables, Flowers Trees and Bushes Professional Grade by Microlife Granulated (8-4-6) 7LB or for your pesticide control: PyGanic Gardening Botanical Insecticide . These are just a couple of choices. We have a full line of products in both fertilizers and pesticides on our Garden Products Page.

In this day and age we have a wide array of organic nutrients available dpending on what you are growing. Here are a couple of choices:Farmer's Pride Organic Blend Complete Plant Food we also carry many other brans such as: Green Planet Nutrients . Remember all of our products are organic.

The third how to is to plant your produce or flowers in a raised bed , grow box anywhere but the earth. We cover hydroponic growing on our Hydroponic Page. To create a raised bed grow box is simple. Whatever the size say 8' by 8' you buy 2x10's to match the square footage build the box and cover the bottom in visqueen to create a vapor barrier and seperate you from the soil. A good brand is: TRM Manufacturing 610C Plastic Sheeting, 6 Mil, 10' x 100'

Once you have laid the visqueen in the bottom of the bed you can add true organic earth which you will mix with a nutrient base and organic fertilizer. A good place to start is: Sun Gro Black Gold Natural and Organic Soil, 2 Cubic Feet Depending on the size of your garden it will take a number of bags.

Now you may think this is a lot of work for a garden and you would be right. Probably not the extent you want to go for a flower garden but definitely the extent to go for "true organic" vegetables. So let's continue.

The fourth how to is pretty simple: buy a filter to put on your hose and filter the water you put on your flowers or produce. A good place to start is with: Garden Hose Filter - Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, VOCs, & Pesticides/Herbicides

Step five you already have the correct product you need. Simply cover the bed in the visqueen every night for the first two weeks and bingo you have a "true organic" garden.

The final step is to nurture your garden, watch it grow and enjoy the fruits of your labor, no pun intended.

If you would lik to know more about our gardening principles and the steps we take to stay "true organic" Contact Us Today.


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