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Green Energy

Let's see is wind a green energy. Yes and No. The old style wind generators which you see all over the countryside take large amounts of oil and grease to operate their large number of moving parts. It is still considered green because it does not leave the standard carbon footprint that a fossil fuel does. It generates electricityy without emitting a green house gas.

What if we told you that there was a newer cleaner and more efficient wind generator. It is less obtrusive to the landscape and has less moving parts and is easier to transport and assemble. This is the only place you can get it in North America. They range in size from 250KW to 3 MW. To learn more about this unique system visit our Wind Generator Page.

Now for the newest and most ingenious form of wind generation, Vortex Bladeless Wind. If you want to know more about this unique and still experimental form then visit this site or visit this site. You may also Download the green paper on this project

So to add it up yes wind is a green form of energy.

Okay, so we have discussed wind as a green energy now let's discuss solar. Does it meet the basic criteria. It does produce electricity without polluting the atmosphere. It does produce electricity with out using fossil fuel. The top criteria are met.

However is it truely organic. NO. The film used to coat most solar panels is one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet. This means when it comes time to replace the panel (about every ten to 12 years.) you are dumping toxic waste into the landfill. If you can get a landfill to take it.

The newer panels are less toxic and about ten times more efficient. Look for the black panels( Monocrystalline) and not the blue or dark blue which is(Polycrystalline). This will be better for the environment and the Monocrystalline is much more efficient at converting energy.

Concentrated solar power is the new trend in solar and actually uses molten salt to produce on demand energy. Click here to learn more

Okay wind and solar are considered green energy. Are their any other players? Of course.

You probably don't think of methane as a green energy. After all it is a green house gas and one of the largest polluters in the midwest. But what if we captured that greenhouse gas and converted it to energy. It is being done with great success. By using Biodigesters we can recover the methane and use it as fuel. Landfills, livestock farms and more are actually reducing greenhouse gas emissions by incorporating this into their facilities. You can also learn more about methane as a fuel by Following This Link.

Okay what else is their as a green energy?

Hydrogen! One of the most prevelant elements in the universe. The new fuel cell technologies which convert hydrogen to a fuel and the only emission is water. To learn more about hydrogen visit our Hydrogen as A fuel page and get up to date.

Okay we are not done yet. We have an oldie but a goody for you. Hydropower! Been in existence since Rome was built ( and not in a day either). Hydropower use to be a big player in this country but it's use has been cut in half since the '50's and environmentalist gripe about the addition of more dams to increase it's use. The methane produced around these dams from decaying vegetation is a problem. Didn't we just talk about how to recover that methane and since we have over 160 dams already in place in the U.S. why don't we retrofit the ones that aren't hydroelectric to be used for hydropower. That would make sense. Oh we forgot this is the government and making and doing the sensible or logical thing does not seem to be in their wheelhouse. To much power held by the oil lobbyist and the current administration is not helping. To learn more about hydropower and it's underutlization in this country Read this article or visit this page

Okay I think we are done for now, but check back often as we are finding new methods to produce green energy all the time. Man's ingenuity is wonderful. The need to get away from fossil fuels is obvious. Let's hope we did not start to late.


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