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Biodigesters have been in use for over thirty years but are just catching on in this country. In china they are used in over thirty-million households and that number is growing. In the green communities we support and build we utilize them in every household to reduce waste and add to the alternative energy sources we implement. This adds to the "true organic" culture we promote. Waste to energy how great is that approach.

Watch this short video to learn how biodigesters work and how we implement them.

This process creates methane which is then used for heating cooking and other energy uses that are needed in a household or a building. The larger units in a green community are used to support all the waste that comes from the community as a whole. This eliminates the need for public sewage systems and reduces the waste in the community to almost zero. The remaining effluent can be used as a compost and ends up as an organic fertilizer.

Our goal in the organic culture is to have a zero carbon footprint and in conjunction with that have a zero waste output.

WOW all that and a free energy source. What more could you ask for in a garbage disposal.


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