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Alternative Energy

When someone mentions alternative energy the first thing that pops in most peoples mind is solar and wind power. That is no longer the case because the field is expanding to a vast array of choices. Some of these choices have been around for a long time but vastly underused.

We can name a couple right off hand that have been around since before the Romans built their empire. For one we have geothermal power For another we have the good old standby of Hydropower which is a vastly underused resource in this country. We also have natural gas(a fossil fuel that is less toxic to the environment and is non renewable) bio-fuels (we do not support the use of food crops to make a fuel such as ethanol. When we have fed our people we can utilize this form of energy.) Some forms of bio-fuel use non edible grasses to produce the fuel to learn more about this process Follow This Link and biomass such as methane recovery.

Solar Power has branched out into a field called concentrated solar power where they are acutally using salt as an energy source

The list continues with some new players on the block such as wavepower, tidal power and hydrogen all of which we cover and explain on this site.

Some would consider nuclear energy a form of alternative energt. We are not among them. While it is true it does not burn fossil fuel it can be toxic and not environmentally friendly. Certainly we could not classify it as organic.

In short we have a multitude of non petroleum based alternatives. In fact enough to not need fossil fuels at all to produce enrgy. Let's save the fossil fuels to make the other products we need and stop polluting our environment with fossil fuel. The dark ages and eventually an ice age is on the horizon if we continue on this current rate of consumption and the misuse of our resources.

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