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Making a Difference

We do all we can but we can't do it alone.

The organic culture is a must not a fad and it has grown beyond just gardens and meat to the way we fertilize our lawns and fields. The way we feed our animals, the energy we use and the choices we make for our technology and building materials.

We are on a mission to get the culture of organic living and the organic culture to become a mainstay of life on this planet. It is a mission of need and passion fueled by the knowledge that we could actually thrust ourselves back into the dark ages if we continue to consume fossil fuels and the planet's resources at current levels.

The truth be known we have about 75 years of oil left and that is if consumption does not increase. Alarming isn't it. The oil companies will say that with the new fracking techniques we have untapped resources. What they don't tell you is that studies have shown that fracking is extremely bad for the planet and the untapped resources are minimal. We cannot continue down this path. To leave our posterity a planet completely stripped of it's resources is not a choice we have to make. Their is an alternative and a much wiser path for us to go down. On this site you will find information that will let you make a difference. You will also find products that are totally organic and a percentage of your purchase goes directly towards environmental protection and conservation groups. Help us and the next generation change the path we are on.

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